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July 21 Prismatic Divas Clan Booster
July 21 Debut of the Divas Trial Deck
Sept 1 Evil Eye Sovereign Trial Deck
Sept 1 Demonic Advent Booster
June 30 Bang booster
July 28 Persona 5
August 25 Konosuba Booster box and Trial Deck+
July 14 X-TD01 - Decimating Black Dragon Trial Deck
July 14 X-TD02 - Ruler of Havoc Trial Deck
July 14 X-BP02 - Chaos Control Crisis Booster Pack
August 4 Shadow Legion Trial Deck
August 4 Mystical Hunters Trial Deck
August 4 Alpha Dominance Trial Deck
August 17 Rally to War Booster Box
June 23 Echoes of the New World booster box

Ascendents of Aetheros

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