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Oct 13 Dragon King's Awakening Booster
Dec 1 Rondeau of Chaos and Salvation Clan Booster
Dec 1 Messiah Dragon of Rebirth Trial Deck
Sept 29 Attack on Titan Vol 2 Booster box+
Nov 10 Accel - World Infinite Burst Booster Box
Dec 22 Sword Art Online The Movie Ordinal Scale Booster Box
DELAYED Persona 5
Sept 22 LVL Up! Heroes & Adventurers! Booster Box
Oct 20 Thunderous Warlords Alliance Trial Deck
Oct 20 Overturn! Thunder Empire!
Nov 10 Reaper's Gift Trial Deck
Nov 10 Oath of Blood Booster Box
Sept 8 Ancient Nights booster box

Ascendents of Aetheros

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